Canteen List

The Yarram Bakery Cafe provide St Mary's will a lunch ordering service each Friday. All lunch orders must be received at school, no later than Thursday at 3:15pm. When placing a lunch order for your child, please follow the instructions below: 

 Write your child's name and grade on a brown paper bag.
 Write the list of food /drinks required and price on bag.
 Place the correct money if possible in a small zip lock bag and place in the brown paper bag. (Change will be returned if needed in this bag)
 Students are to place lunch orders and money in their classroom lunch order box.
 Orders must be in no later than Thursday afternoon at 3.15pm

Please note that the bakery will not accept late orders, orders not written on paper bags or short payments.
We at school will always make the children a fresh sandwich from the tearoom if this happens.

Please find attached below the lunch order price list for the Yarram Bakery Cafe.

Yarram Bakery Canteen List 2023