Our School

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is located in the small rural town of Yarram, in South Gippsland, with a population of about 2000.

St Mary’s school was established in 1918 by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The school was built on the site now occupied by the Presbytery. In 1954 the school was moved to its present site and additional rooms were built. Although plans for a new school were developed and the first stage completed by 1982, a fire in 1992 destroyed the original school buildings. The rebuilding project and renovations were completed in 1996, with the official opening on March 24th, 1996.

St Mary’s Primary is a Catholic school which aspires to provide a happy, safe and confident teaching and learning environment in which the needs of students and staff are met with support and understanding. We ensure that our work reflects ideals such as mutual respect, trust and honesty. We care for others, particularly those in need. We aim to do this in a way that reflects the individual talents, gifts and experiences of each person. In this, we actively seek the support of parents and the wider community. We strive to work together in a collaborative manner.

We believe that St Mary’s is a faith community, where we strive to be a true example of contemporary Christian living. Gospel values are a basis for all we do and Jesus is the focus of Prayer, Liturgies, Religious Education and Sacramental programs. Our learning spaces are modern and well resourced with iPads and laptops, available to enhance student learning. We are an extremely well resourced school, best evidenced in our staffing ratios. Given the very solid Teacher / Learning Support Officer / student ratios we enjoy we are able to offer point of need instruction in all curriculum areas to our students.

At present, St Mary’s has an enrolment of 56 students and a staff of 11, consisting of the principal, classroom teachers, specialist teachers, learning support officers and administration staff. Specialist subjects offered at St Mary’s include Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Indonesian.

We are proud of our school and endeavour to share this pride with all who come into contact with us.

Acknowledgment of Country

St Mary's Primary School Yarram is situated on the land of the Gunaikurnai people, the traditional custodians. We acknowledge the ongoing relationship that they have held with this land, which has provided protection, connection with culture and is always a place of learning. We also acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging.

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